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"Intelligent people, when assembled into an organization, will tend toward collective stupidity." ~ Albrecht's Law

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first grant 40 years of business success." ~ Peter Drucker

"Human beings are so constituted as to see what is wrong with a new thing, not what is right. To verify this you only have to submit a new idea to a committee. They will obliterate ninety percent of rightness for the sake of ten percent of wrongness. The possibilities a new idea opens up are not appreciated, because not one person in a thousand has imagination." ~ Charles Kettering

"We have met the enemy, and he is us." ~ Pogo

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Conference Keynote: "Doing Business in the New Economy — Are You an Endangered Species?"
Conference Keynote: "Leadership for the New World — Are You a 'Bland Leader' or a 'Band Leader?'"
Keynote/Seminar/Webinar: "Managing Minds: Whole-Brain Leadership"
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The Organizational Tuneup: "Regaining Focus, Alignment, and Engagement"
YouTube: "The Organizational Tuneup" (6:50)
The Executive Retreat: "Looking Around and Looking Ahead"
Top Management Team: "Executive Team Building"
Strategic Coaching: "The Challenge to Lead"
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The Power of
Minds at Work:
Org'nl Intelligence...


The Northbound Train:
Purpose... Direction...


Service America:
Doing Business
in the New Economy


The Only Thing That Matters:
...Power of the Customer...

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"Seventeen Syndromes of Organizational Dysfunction"
(AIM Interview) "Organizational Intelligence"
Read Article, "The Digital Moat: Digitizing the Customer"
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White Paper: "Seventeen Syndromes of Organizational Dysfunction" — How Organizations Defeat Themselves
White Paper: "Organizational Intelligence & Knowledge Management — Thinking Outside the Silos."
Questionnaire/Survey: "Organizational Intelligence Profile"
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