Employee Quality of Work Life Survey (EQWLS)
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For each of the following statements, click the button for the numbered option that describes how well you believe that statement applies to the organization you are evaluating. Use the scale shown to the right.

Please answer each question as best you can. If you prefer not to answer a particular question, just leave it blank. When you've answered all questions, click the Send button at the bottom of the page.

Estimated completion time: 5-7 minutes.

Rating Scale:

1 = Strongly Disagree
2 = Disagree
3 = Neutral/No Strong Opinion
4 = Agree
5 = Strongly Agree

(Note: do not hit the Enter key to move to the next question; use the mouse or the Tab key.)

Please rate each of the following statements. 1 2 3 4 5
1 I get personal satisfaction from the work I do in my job.
2 I feel my work makes a valuable contribution to the success of the organization.
3 I believe the work I am assigned to do makes good use of my knowledge and skills.
4 The pay I receive for my job is appropriate, considering the work I am assigned to do.
5 The organization offers fringe benefits that are valuable to me.
6 I believe I have a secure job with this organization for the foreseeable future.
7 My physical work environment enables me to do my job effectively.
8 My supervisor regularly lets me know what is expected of me in doing my job effectively.
9 My supervisor provides the resources I need (equipment, materials, information, etc.) to do my job effectively.
10 My supervisor gives me the individual help and support I need to do my job effectively.
11 My supervisor shows appreciation for the contribution I make.
12 My supervisor handles performance problems constructively, e.g. lets us know, tactfully, when we need to improve.
13 The organization offers me opportunities to grow and learn new skills.
14 I have a chance to move up to a better job if I do well in this one.
15 My work group has a sense of team spirit.
16 People who work in this organization try to cooperate and help each other.
17 Management keeps us generally informed of the latest "news" that affects our interests.
18 People can speak up and voice their opinions frankly without fear of being punished.
19 People in my work area get ahead mostly by (mark only one):
Being dishonest & self-serving
Playing "politics"
Being skillful competitors
Making a valuable contribution
Working as a team
20 People have an equal chance to get ahead in this organization regardless of sex, age, religion, racial or ethnic background, or other factors not related to their work performance.
21 If I have a grievance or other personal problem in my work, I can usually expect to have it resolved fairly.
22 There are people in the organization I can go to for professional help if I am having personal, psychological, or health problems.
23 The union I belong to does a good job representing me. (If you don't belong to a union, please leave blank).
24 Alcohol abuse is low among the workers in my area of the organization.
25 Drug abuse is low among the workers in my area of the organization.
26 I feel physically safe in my work area.
27 I feel physically safe coming to and leaving my work facility.
28 I am free from sexual, psychological, and physical abuse or harrassment while working here.
29 How would you describe your overall stress level during the past 90 days? (Please leave blank if you don't want to supply this information.)
Very high
Moderately high
Fairly low
Very low
30 This organization operates according to honest, ethical business values.
31 The chief executive of this organization is an effective leader.
32 The top management team of this organization provides effective leadership.
33 I would rate the business success of the organization in recent times as:
Struggling for survival
Having great difficulties
Doing well
Doing very well
34 I am optimistic about the future of this organization.
35 I am proud to be a part of this organization.
36 Overall, I would say my morale on the job is high.
37 I plan to stay with this organization for the foreseeable future.
38 Are you male or female?
39 How old are you?
40 How much formal education have you had?
Less than high school diploma
High school diploma
Some college (or trade school)
College degree
One or more advanced degrees
41 Which category most closely describes your ethnic/cultural background? (Please leave blank if you don't want to provide this information.)
African Ancestry / Black
Anglo / White / European
Hispanic / Latino
Native American
Pacific Islander
Mixed Ancestry
None of the above
42 How many years have you worked for the organization?
43 What is your primary job category?
Manual / physical / trade work
Customer / public contact
Technical / professional
Supervisory / managerial
44 Please write a few words to complete this sentence: "This would be a better organization to work for if..."
45 Please write any other comments you'd like to make here.
46 Please enter the name or code for your department or work-area, if you've been given one. If not, leave the box empty.

Please verify all of your answers carefully before you click the "Send" button.

Thank you very much for your feedback.